Our Unique Fabrics
Hong Kong was a traditional garment manufacturing center during the 60’s & 70’s. There is a limited selection of valuable and “forgotten” fabrics, which are still stored in a few warehouses. These fabrics have special and interesting weaving constructions, and give a special look and feel in garments. Therefore, rare construction fabric is one of our key signatures of Island Scouts.
Our team continuously visits fabric markets to source antique and rare vintage fabrics, all which have a reference to historical of the glory of Hong Kong back in old time. Apart from our vintage, dead stock fabrics, we also source limited quantity fabrics at selected mills from Hong Kong, and Japan.
All of our special sourced fabrics are costly and difficult to replicate nowadays. We stock these limited quantities and unique, historical fabrics to develop our product range to the next level.
Bench made
All our products are “Crafted and washed in China”. Each piece is bench-made by skilled workmanship in an intimate workspace with a group of well-experienced craftsmen and goes through a thorough quality control by ourself.
Vintage Aged Washing
Island Scouts product goes through a final stage of customized washing to create a more vintage feel.
Pumice stones and acid or enzyme washes are applied to garments similar to how jeans are treated. This unique stone washing treatment will cause color differences such as fades and roping on the seams.
Due to the washing treatments we develop and use, colors from the yarn may fade or stain onto the threads. This creates a specific and unique fingerprint on each and every product we develop.
The final look and hand-feel of this “vintage wash” makes our product look old, worn and feels comfort- able to wear, just like a T-shirt that you’ve washed countless times. Besides the comfortable feel in our garments, more advantages such as multi-color garment structure and minimizing natural shrinkage when you wash. The stone washing process has ex- posed the fabric to extreme circumstances and gives the fabric a heavy worn-in look.